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With over 13 years of professional riding, having performed in over 50+ country, and having performed in more shows in more country than any other rider, Jimmy Blaze Fejes is one of the top riders in the industry. He has worked with the Crusty Demons, Xpilots, Pilotmoto, Redbull, Moster, Rockstar, ARMA, Kicker, Sweden X, Discovery Channel, Disney, Speed vision, Outdoor channel, CBS NBC, ESPN, and Masters of Dirt. Explore the Site and See Photos and Videos of Blaze!

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Jimmy Blaze has traveled over this vast planet, exploring many places and experiencing many things. His primary love of snowmobiles has conquered the majority of the snow covered globe, from the mountains of Alaska, the high arctic of Sweden, Norway and Russia, to the snow covered alpine regions of Australia. Showing off to millions of fans over the last decade. These experiences have let him explore other passions that include hunting, fishing, marketing, product production, and many more. Please feel free to explore this website and see how many ways he can help you. Do you want to know what gear is cool? Do you want to know what riders are best for your show? Do you want to know how to flip a mini truck? Do you want to know how to hunt a muskox in the arctic? Do you want to know how to sell a product to 15-30 year olds? Whats the best way to catch a zebra? And why you put a bucket on his head once caught? Just ask! Drop him a Mail or Message on Facebook.


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